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Review: Medieval Feast at Stettenfels Castle 2017

This weekend the Medieval Castle Feast at Stettenfels Castle took place again. On April 29th to Mai 1st 2017 there was a big meeting of farmers, merchants, squires, castle ladies, knights and nobles to celebrate the Castle Feast together. "City air makes you free" was the motto of the 13th Medieval Castle Feast this year.

The parking was at the big Bosch area again and shuttle busses brought the visitors to the Feast. The shuttle busses and the knight tournaments were included. For kids till size of a sword the entrance was free.

This year as well more than 300 participants brought back to life the historical castle complex with its towers, vaults and courtyards. Musicians played dance music and in my opinion they could be much more of them because of them and because of the ambience of the castle and because of the medievally dressed people you are taken back to the Middle Ages and you are taken back to the ages of knights and kings.

As well for the small warriors at the castle moat there were a lot of opportunities to join handicrafts and games.

Craftsmen and merchants offered the visitors their goods, food and refreshments. Among other things there was a wood oven bakery with delicate flame-cakes. Another offered oriental open-faced pies with a lot of vegetables and delicious sauces. Additionally there was the Confiserie Médiéval with sweet bun which looked like delicious round specialties. Moreover one offered Crêpes with sweet or solid topping. You could find great food like the Barbarian Spit with exquisite turkey and bread dough on a spit and many other roasted and boiled delights. Fresh beer, sweet mead and excellent mead beer complement the offer. Everyone could find here something for his or her own personal taste. The one who couldn't find anything to eat was lost anyway.

Further attractions were goats and a racka which is an old Hungarian and protected sheep race with long dangerous looking and impressing horns. There was also a comfortable looking tub with pleasant warm water which was inviting for everyone who were in need of a bath or who felt like bathing. The falconry Bielriet had about 20 wonderful animals there, from little brown owls to a big steppe eagle. They offered to take a picture with a bird you like on your hand. The harris' hawk Kira not even weighed one kilogram but the weight became heavy the longer you had the majestic bird of prey on your hand. The nice and fancy built up camps which not just looked attractive and comfortable took you back into ages where you had to fight to survive. In front of many camps there was a fire burning and changed the atmosphere around the Stettenfels Castle into a unforgettable experience.

Highlight of the Castle Feast were the great knight tournaments and the presented battle of Wüstenhausen which was a historic combat that was shown on the last day of the Castle Feast.

Also this time it was an adventure for everyone and I'm looking forward to visiting the next medieval Feast at Stettenfels Castle next time again.

Further information on www.stettenfels.de

All pictures taken by Hacki Hackisan with Canon EOS 70d.*

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